The WIN Rewards Program

Shop - Sponsor Or Both













 The WIN Rewards Program will provide 10% of all Profit from the WIN Ad Packs and 10% of all Affiliate Profits and 10% of all Membership Profits to three lucky members that fill out the contest forms with their name and email after shopping at any of the

CO-OP shopping center stores.



You will also receive one entry for every community member you personally invite to the Co-op (even free members count).



There will be three WIN Prize winners monthly. 

50% of the specified WIN Pack rewards will go to the first randomly picked shopper/sponsor,

30% will go to the second randomly picked shopper/sponsor

 20% will go to the third place randomly picked shopper/sponsor every month. 


The searchers/sponsors will be drawn at random so everyone has a chance to win every month!

No purchase is necessary and even free members or non-members are eligible.

    The other 90% Of company Income will be used to advertise the CO-OP as well as be placed in the Profit Sharing Pool to increase the members Infinity payouts!



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