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Plus All AD PAK or FREE MEMBERS Receive 10 Profit Shares For Each New Authentic FREE Member They Personally Sponsor!


You can remain a FREE member and receive Profit Shares

or Choose from 3 Money Making AD PAK CO-OP Subscriptions

Each SUBSCRIPTION Places You In our 5 Level Community.

      When you choose to Subscribe to a

Bronze, Gold or Diamond AD PAK

membership you can earn an unlimited amount

of money. You get Paid  for up to FIVE Levels Deep

depending on your membership level

as others  in your community directly below you

upgrade to any

Bronze, Gold or Diamond AD PAK

How It Works

As An AD Pak Member Your replicated Ad Pak Website

is automatically added to the company Website Rotator.

All Company Advertisements are Sent To the  Website Rotator.

When someone signs up on your Website From The Rotator

They will be Placed in your Community on your front line as

Personally sponsored by You.


Now you receive Profit Shares


Commissions from your Community!

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